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Dead By Dread V 0.7


Google Drive with WinRar Build Compacted


C/O: Julio Cesar Pereira

About This Build Version

In this version all game looping is implemented.

1. Start the game by choosing a killer and one of the two existing victims. It is possible to switch at any time on the initial screen game.

2. Search matches in preparation or play your own match in the lobby in the option (Find game)

3. After entering or creating a new game, wait for all players present to confirm that they are ready to play.

4. When all players are ready, the matchmaker can start the game.
Please note that it is not mandatory to fill in all players in the room. It is enough for all the players present to confirm that they are ready, using the button (ready).

It's even possible to start a solo game, with just the player who created the game. This is currently allowed for testing purposes!

5. At the start of a new game, a 1-minute timer will start. At this stage, no player has yet been selected to be the matador. Take this time to get to know the mansion, find possible hiding places and precious items..

6. After 1 minute, an Assassin will be randomly selected from the players present. A 900 second timer will start, this is the total time for the match.

7. The Game is over when only the Assassin is left in the Mansion. This occurs when victims escape or die.

7. A game over screen with scores for viewing purposes only, with no actual functioning, will be displayed.

8. .The player can play again or leave the room. Exiting will return you to the app's home screen. If he chooses to replay, he will return to the setup scene with the other players who confirmed the replay. The advantage of replaying is that the player keeps their place in the ROOM.

9. .Return to Stage: 4


- [W.A.S.D]  Or Left Stick: Move;

- [E] ou (X) : Interaction;

- [Q] or (RB) : Fast Pick of droped items or not empty opened furniture itens. Is needed some inventory slot empty;

- [Shift] or (A) : Sprint.;

- [CTRL] or [C] or (Left Stick Pressed) : Crouch Toogle;

[L Mouse]  or [RT] : Primary Skill;

- [R Mouse] pr[LT] : Secundary Skill or Capture/Drop Victims;

Inventory from Keyboard & Mouse:

- Hold [SPACE] : Open/Close;

- [Mouse]  : Slot Selection;

- [L Mouse] : Consume/Use some selected item;

- [L Mouse] : Pick some item at empty selected slot;

- [R Mouse] : Drop/Change item at selected slot;

Inventory  from Joystick:

-  Hold (LB) : Open/Close;

Right Joystick: Select Slot.

- Close Inventory: Pick some item at empty selected slot;

- Close Inventory: Consume/Use some selected item;

- RB : Drop/Change item at selected slot;



- Victims need to find 4 fuse boxes that were randomly scattered around the mansion and fully fix them;

- After all fuse boxes have been fixed, 2 gates at the left and right ends of the stage will activate for victims to escape;

- Victims now need to open the gates and escape the Mansion;

- Victims in critical health cannot repair fuse boxes;

- Victims captured by the killer can automatically escape after some time. When this occurs, the killer will be stunned for a few seconds and the victim's health will revert to (Wounded), which causes a decrease in movement speed;

- While captured, the victim can hinder the killer's movements by hitting the QTE minigames..

- Victims trapped in the "Mirror of Soul", cannot escape by themselves, but can be released by another victim..

- When trapped in the mirror the victim need play QTE minigames to delay imminent death.

- Dead victims can access the camera of other victims who are alive, simply left-click on the victim's health status icon in the upper left corner of the screen. "This function is not implemented in the Joystick."


- The Killer needs to knock out the victims causing damage to health, usually from 3 (hits), consecutive, it may vary depending on the healing items or characteristics of the victim. Keep in mind that the assassins' secondary skill does not harm the victim's health. They are useful for strategic purposes!

- When the victim is knocked out he goes into a critical state of health, this can be noticed by the victim's movement animation which is now crawling on the floor. Now just capture a victim using (Right Mouse Button), or (RB JOystick).

- When carrying a victim you need to find a "Mirror of Soul", and interact with it to imprison the victim's soul.

- When carrying a victim, the killer will have his movements impaired if the victim hits the QTE minigames.

- The victim will escape capture alone when the time limit is exceeded and the killer will be knocked out for a few seconds..


- 1: What happens if I lose connection during a match?

If the player is not the Hosting, he can return to the game in progress when his connection is reestablished. Even if the app has been closed.

If the player is the host, a new player will be selected to host the match. A brief pause will occur for all other players for the system to resolve itself.

The reconnection rules for the player who lost connection are the same as for a non-host player.

- 2: What happens if I leave a game in progress?

Everything will work as in FAQ 1, but the player will be automatically reconnected to the game he left if he tries to enter any other game through the lobby. This will occur until the game ends. No punishment rules have been applied yet as no scoring and reward system has been implemented yet.


- Unable to navigate player cameras using Joystick;

- Unable to exit application using Joystick;

- Unable to exit a match in progress using the joystick;

- It is not possible to quickly pick up an item from furniture using a joystick. Just opening the inventory;

- It is not possible to access Tips using the Joystick;

- Character preview is not showing up in character select;

- Player avatar and HUD are wrong after killer selection by match. Before that this information is wrong;

- Interaction tips are not turning off after reading;

- Player items are automatically dropped when killer has selected by match;

- Items are dropped in duplicate from player's inventory when host migration occurs;

- The victim speed buff after killer hit its to fast;

- Character's skill JOCK has the teleportation function of Killer's Skill COUNT. This should not happen. JOCK's SKill should just create a gravity field that keeps the killer in the center of the area for a certain amount of time. 


One of the top priorities for this project release is keeping the scope small. You are in front of a project developed a little over a year ago by a SOLO Developer with a small group of partners. To understand the scope, imagine that the final product here is preparing for a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and thus reach its full potential.

You can think of the demo as part of a larger game. In the full game, there will be a good variety of characters that can be customized by cosmetic items, merit gains, scoring system, different game modes and rules, among others.

For this demo, we're going to focus on the first location, the mansion!

Our goal is to produce interesting gameplay to fill an experience that can vary between 10-20 minutes of gameplay, depending on the player's skill.

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